Transform into the iconic demon Rui from the beloved anime series Demon Slayer with these stunning cosplay wigs. Crafted from premium synthetic high temp fiber, these wigs boast a vibrant silver hue and elegant curly texture. Each wig measures 45cm/17.71inch, providing ample length for your cosplay endeavors.

Lifelike Design and Versatility
The Demon Slayer Rui Silver Curly Long Cosplay Wigs are designed with intricate detailing, ensuring a realistic and captivating appearance. The adjustable cap size, ranging from 58cm-62cm, ensures a comfortable fit for most head shapes. Whether you’re cosplaying at conventions, anime events, or simply for personal enjoyment, these wigs will elevate your costume to the next level.

Easy Maintenance and Styling Options
Maintaining your Demon Slayer Rui wigs is a breeze. We recommend fluffing and running your fingers through the wig to remove loose fibers before wearing. For a more personalized look, you can trim the bangs to suit your face shape. The fibers can withstand heat styling within a safe temperature range, allowing you to create various hairstyles and add volume.

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