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Includes: Shirt, skirt, belt, leggings

Material: Uniform cloth

Shipping Weight: 1.30kg

Shown Color: Black mixed white

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: The shirt is made of polyester cotton, skirt is made of uniform cloth. Designed with high quality material and excellent tailoring skills, this costume will surely make you a bright spot in the party

Character Introduction: Sawa’s regular outfit consists of a sleeved black-and-white dress with diamond patterns. Over it, she wears a sleeveless black turtleneck, as well as long, black arm warmers. Sawa dons a green belt over the top part of her left arm warmer, with two others on her right, each with a silver buckle and a single prong that is secured. Around her waist, she wears two others that are identical: one is wrapped firmly around her waist, while the other is positioned a little higher, and overlaps the former. Over Sawa’s left breast, there is a white pin with green lines, resembling a cloud

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